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Member of the press? Send us an email to get the scoop on the latest from Daz 3D. Please send all press-related inquiries to [email protected], we’d love to hear from you!


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Daz 3D has been a leader in the 3D digital asset industry for over 15 years. From design hobbyists to the professional market, we strive to create incredible, easy to design renders.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Daz Studio?

Daz Studio is our free 3D software that allows beginners and professionals alike to create one-of-a-kind characters and scenes. It uses a customizable character platform and over 35,000 ready-made modular assets in our vast 3D library — or any 3D asset you model yourself! Render your art when you’re finished, or use our Bridges to transfer your work from Daz Studio to other popular 3D platforms.

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What are the system requirements for Daz Studio?

DazCentral is our easy-to-use content manager that is a must-have for organizing and categorizing your 3D assets. Its one-click feature allows you to open your content in Daz Studio with a single click, making the creative process from start to finish sleek and effortless.

How do I sign up for Daz Studio?

Signing up is easy! Just register for a Daz 3D account, and follow the instructions given afterward to start your free download of DazCentral and Daz Studio. Need a bit more help? This tutorial shows you how to download and install both.

How do I contact customer service for an issue?

If you’re not seeing the answer to your question in the FAQs, our Customer Service team is here to help! Submit a ticket here, and fill out the required fields so our team can resolve the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What are Bryce and Carrara?

Bryce 7 Pro is a standalone software for creating and animating 3D environments, and Carrara 8.5 Pro allows you to model, create environmental effects, animate, and render all in one application. Both are compatible with Daz Studio.

I want to sell my 3D models on the Daz website. Where do I start?

The first step is to review our guidelines to see what types of content we accept and how to package them for submission. Then, submit your work here. We’ll review and test it, working with you through each step. Once it’s approved and released in the Daz shop, you can celebrate! Your work will be available to the public for purchase, and you’ll make money doing what you love.

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